Edible Types of Liquid that You Can Use with Your Ejaculating Dildo

Talk about a yummy oral with dildo and edible lubes take the center stage with élan. The adult toy industry is relentlessly working to create a realistic feel with the toys as much as possible. And one of its latest developments in edible lubes. You can lather them on your normal dildo or else you always have ejaculating dildos for edible lubes. If you craving for a realistic oral with a dildo where you can slurp all that sexy jizz, ejaculating dildos with edible lubes will be the best thing for you.

The cool part is these edible lubes are available in a wide range of flavors to choose from. From mint to cherry to vanilla- the options are really limitless here. The post below offers a brief on the best edible lubes you may try out with your dildo.

Aloe Cadabra Peppermint organic lube

This lube here is sure …

Compulsive Behaviors, Adult Theaters And Realizing What Really Matters In Life

For bipolar people, compulsive behaviors can become a standard part of life.

Overspending, promiscuity, binge drinking–these are all common occurrences during periods of mania. For me, my choice of compulsive behavior has been overeating. Pizza binges, an endless sea of breakfast foods, boxes and boxes of snack cakes. These are the things I often to turn to in times of high stress, or when I’m elated, or on some weird high which I just can’t seem to come down from. Of course there’s the occasional binge drinking (a couple months ago I had one straight week of this) but I don’t really drink like I used to and food seems to offer a more normal, seemingly safe kind of comfort. However, there are times when I get bored with the whole binge eating thing and I even feel too weak or lazy to go through with all the trouble of

The Surprising History And Ultimate Downfall Of The Once Popular Adult Movie Theater

As of 2018, one of the last two remaining adult theaters in Los Angeles sat on a nondescript stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard. Even though it was among the last of it’s kind, the Tiki Adult Theater barely stood out from neighboring markets and restaurants. It’s a stark change from what it would have been during the “Golden Age of Porn,” a period from the late ’60s to the early ’80s considered the heyday of the adult movie theater.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s brought more relaxed attitudes towards sex and made space for what many considered an artistic exploration of erotic pursuits. As attitudes shifted, the tantalizing industry blossomed across the country. Pornography broke into the mainstream and made stars out of its actors, with adult theaters often holding flashy premieres that attracted audiences across all genders and social classes.

The time of the adult theater came to …

The Skeeviest Things I Saw Working At An Adult Movie Theater

You’ve got all the world’s porn in your pocket right now, on demand whenever you want it. But a small number of people still like going out there and doing stuff the old-fashioned way, with their hands. And genitals. And fluids. That’s why porn cinemas stay in business. Way before widespread internet access, adult theaters were bigger than ’70s bush, because they gave men a safe space to masturbate (stray balcony cumshots notwithstanding). Now, like the drive-in, the wank theater is mostly gone. A few have managed to stick around, though, and we spoke to the former manager of one. This is what “Marvin” told us:

6 Even A Manager’s Job Is Mainly Cleaning Up After Masturbators

Marvin was one of a number of managers at his pornatorium. It was a courtesy title, mostly, because he didn’t do that much managing. So what did he do? “My main job was …