How to pair your jeweled butt plugs with your other accessories?

Exploring kinks and fetishes may be the best thing you ever dared to do! Playing a role that brings out parts of yourself you never knew existed can be a life-changing experience. And if you have a perfect sex toy to use for that purpose, the sensations will get even more intense!

But first, you should figure out what you like the most about vanilla sex. Once you learn about your own preferences, fantasies, and desires, you’ll know where to start your kinky journey. Plus, that way, you’ll communicate your needs with your partner more easily. 

So depending on what you enjoy most in sex, you should choose the toy that will work best for you. Luckily, the sex shops have so much to offer to kinksters and explorers. However, if you’re really new to all this, you may consider starting with something basic. 

The toy that’s an absolute must for anyone who’s into anal play is a butt plug. However, there are many types, and some of them are really pretty. So in case you like wearing fancy and cute outfits and care about esthetics, a jeweled butt plug may be the perfect choice for you!

These are especially suitable for girls who like or are curious about age play. If you want to try out the role of a Daddy’s little princess, fancy butt plugs can definitely improve your roleplay sex. And the primary reason you should consider getting a jeweled plug is that it goes perfectly with various accessories, outfits, and toys! 

How Fashionable Jeweled Butt Plugs Are 

The first thing you need to know about princess plugs is that these come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. And there are so many cute designs that you’ll probably have a difficult time choosing the perfect one. But the one thing that all jeweled butt plugs have in common is that they are adorable and sexy at the same time!

If you want to achieve the innocent, little girl look, maybe you’d prefer a simple stainless steel plug with a pink or purple jewel. But if you want to play really dirty, you can choose princess butt plugs with naughty words written across the flared base — “Daddy’s cum slut,” “Punish me, Daddy,” etc. 

So which one you’ll like the most depends entirely on your style. And since there’s a whole variety of fancy butt plugs, you’ll undoubtedly find something for yourself! But when choosing the right one, you should consider not only your tastes and desires but also your partner’s wishes.

And don’t forget — safety comes before the esthetics! Don’t pick up a toy that’s too large and heavy for you. Keep in mind that butt plugs, just like many other sex toys, can cause pain and discomfort. But as long as you’re responsible, it’s highly unlikely your play will go wrong. 

Roleplay Ideas Using Jeweled Butt Plugs 

Now that you got the cutest, most fashionable jeweled butt plug, you need to get a bit creative. When exploring kinks, the thing you’ll definitely use the most is your brain! And the more creative and daring you get, the wilder your experience will become!

However, using specific toys will undoubtedly help you get into your role more easily. For instance, wearing a fancy butt plug can make you feel more like a slutty little princess! At the same time, it will sexually arouse you and get you ready for the main course!

So jeweled butt plugs go perfectly with DDlg roleplay. This power play is not so typical but has more than enough space for the amazing combination of cute and sexy. But the role of a spoiled little girl who’s demanding, provocative, and loving at the same time isn’t the easiest one. In case you want to do it for the first time, accessories and toys like jeweled butt plugs will undoubtedly make it easier and more exciting!

However, no one said that you could use fancy butt plugs only if you’re a princess! These aren’t reserved only for “royalty” but are fantastic for many other roleplays as well. Jeweled butt plugs are a perfect tool for decorating the parts of your body only your partner can see. So you can use this toy to get into the roles of a slave or fucktoy. Imagine how exciting it would be to do chores while wearing only a princess plug!

What Accessories Go Well With Jeweled Butt Plugs 

Other than being cute, sexy, and arousing, jeweled plugs are also incredible accessories! These go perfectly with almost any provocative outfit, and even with other toys! So getting the fanciest and the dirtiest look ever will prove easy once you have a jeweled butt plug.

And here are some other things you can use: socks, dresses, collars, crowns, corsets, etc. There’s an abundance of sexy things made mostly for slutty princesses. And if you already have your own collection of clothes and toys, the only thing you now need is a dirty imagination!

For instance, you can achieve a dark princess look by putting on a black corset with pink details, a gothic collar, and a jeweled butt plug. Or, if you’d prefer to look more innocent, light-colored socks with a jeweled crown and a heart-shaped plug may be the perfect outfit for you. 

But if you’re more interested in the role of a sex slave, you can go with big jeweled plugs and a collar. It may seem minimalistic, but wearing something and remaining naked at the same time is mind-blowing to anyone who’s into servitude and power play. 

And this toy is perfect for playing outside as well! Wearing a jeweled butt plug beneath a short, cute skirt can undoubtedly turn out to be the most exciting experience ever. That is even an excellent opportunity to tease your partner, and not many bratty girls would like to miss it!

So no matter if you’re a spoiled princess or an obedient slave, you can use this toy in a variety of scenarios. Plus, it’s a gorgeous detail to add when you want to look perfect for your partner. A jeweled butt plug is an incredible toy for combining innocent with dirty, cute with sexy, and pretty with useful. We hope the ideas that we shared here comes in handy for you, but if you want more inspiration you can go to LP and browse their collections.