How to pair your jeweled butt plugs with your other accessories?

If you are into kinks and fetishes trying new things out in the bedroom, chances are that you are going to love having a wide range of butt plugs in your closet. But, with all these excitements comes the tough part. Butt plugs are very hard to blend in and manage with the other available accessories. What this means is the fact that you will experience a hard time finding ways to pair your jewelled butt plugs with the other available accessories that you can play around within your bedroom.

Irrespective of whether you are playing by yourself or have a partner to help you out with the same, it is quite important that you keep an eye out on the available options when it comes to accessorizing your jewelled butt plug. We have a list of tips that you can check out if need be.

Know these first

Before we jump on to discussing the ways to pair the jewelled butt plug with accessories, one must know the basics about butt plug. Knowing them makes the process of using them in the bedroom for pleasure a lot easier and meaningful. Many people have this misconception that butt plugs are only meant for the ‘crazy’ side of the bedroom stories.

It isn’t!

Know these basics about butt plug before you even think about pairing them with other accessories.

Start small

Butt plugs indeed come in varying shapes and sizes but the experts in this field suggest that it is always wise to start with the smallest one and then make your way up from there as you get more comfortable with it. The last thing you want is to become over-ambitious because that will most definitely end up affecting your experience with it.

It won’t get stuck inside

It is a common myth that people have thinking there are risks for the butt plug getting stuck inside the anus. That is not how it works. The shape of the butt plug has been designed in a way to ensure that it penetrates easily into your anal hole but won’t get stuck inside.

Lube isn’t an option here

If you are using a butt plug, it is not an option that you use lube for the process. The reason behind this is because unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t capable of self-lubricating. It is why lube is mandatory unless you don’t want to sit down without wincing every 5 seconds.

Pooping isn’t a concern

One of the biggest concerns about butt plug that both men and women have is thinking they will end up pooping if they put it in. That is also a myth that needs proper debunking. If you want better tips to take care of your plug though, we’d suggest that you do wash it thoroughly with some warm water and soap after pulling it out of you.

How to pair the same with accessories?

If you want to spice things up in your bedroom, know for a fact that a jewelled butt plug can do the trick for you. The reason why that is the case is that many people are into this kind of playing in the bedroom.

But, how do you accessorize it to make it more appealing?

Try out some “kitten” play

When we are talking about accessorizing your jeweled butt plug, one of the best options that one can do is indulge in the hybrid play and include a furry tail to the mix which looks very appealing and sexy, just as you or your partner might like it. This is something that can only be explored if both of you are in a consenting relationship and talked about the possibilities of kinks before.

Stack it up with some stockings

Thigh rise stockings and a jeweled butt plug, there is nothing better than the combination of these two if you are trying to get ‘some’ in the bedroom. This is not just appealing but very seducing as well, making this an amazing combination that you can try out in the bedroom. You must keep the stockings pretty simple to ensure that it doesn’t outshine the butt plug.

Pair it out with some garter

Garter dresses paired with stockings are quite an amazing combination, especially if you are trying to prepare a seductress look for yourself. Make sure that you are pairing the garter according to the colour of the jewel on the plug to ensure that it matches on well with the said toy. But, with everything, it can be a tough nut to find an exactly fitting one, so look for things ahead of time to avoid the last-minute rush through the process.

Opt for some anal beads

Butt plugs and anal beads so hand in hand. If you do want an amazing experience and foreplay in the bedroom, it is a given that you need to try out some anal beads after putting in the butt plug. This can enhance the overall experience, making it quite a fruitful one for you and your partner as well. While you are at it, make sure that you also do focus on ensuring maximum safety to avoid pain and discomfort while putting them in.

Maybe some lingerie

Lastly, one of the amazing accessories that go well with the jewelled butt plug is sexy lingerie. It can make or break the look and pairing some lace and satin can bring together an overwhelming experience in itself. If you do want a wholesome experience in bed, try opting for this without fail.

Butt plugs can be accessorized in several ways that can help bring out the overall experience. If you do wish to spice things up in the bedroom, it is a given that you practice the necessary precaution and ensure to keep yourself on the edge for an even better experience. We hope the ideas that we shared here comes in handy for you, but if you want more inspiration you can go to LP and browse their collections.