How to Pull Off Your Cinema Sex Fantasy

It’s hard to imagine our lives without movies and TV nowadays. The silver screen has become a modern symbol of America. Our lives revolve closely around it, adjusting to the films and shows we consume. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the theater is our temple, the screen is our shrine, and the actors we watch are our Gods.

As such, another quintessential aspect of our lives had to get involved. Yes — we’re talking about sex here. Love and sex scenes were always a big part of motion pictures, even in the bygone days of black and white movies. Moreover, a certain sex culture was born from the whole cinema experience, and we’re here to talk about it.

Why Do Some People Want to Have Sex Inside a Cinema?

Although we’re living in an almost taboo-free world now, some sexual fantasies are still too much for most people. Of course, there’s always an underground scene lurking, but we’re not here to talk about something obscure and far out. We’re here to talk about public intercourse. Yup — it’s a big turn-on for lots of folks.

When people say public, they usually have a quicky in the restroom of a local diner, or a blowjob inside the clothing booth. That’s all good, but we’re here to explore the cinema sex scene. Like in William Friedkin’s cult movie “Cruising,” people we’re talking about love to enjoy themselves inside a dark theater.

Although no killer’s lurking around NYC like in the mentioned masterpiece, some couples just get their kicks once surrounded by others. It’s something about the dark, the smell of the crowd, and the projector’s flickering lights. Having sex inside the cinema is an experience akin to the stuff you see on the screen.

What Are the Things to Consider Before Doing It Inside the Cinema?

Before going all out, you’ll need to consider a few things. This practice isn’t so common, as we’ve said. So, it’s not like your plan will work out with ease. It’s important to realize how popular the movie is and how many people will attend the screening. Not all kinds of audiences will be okay with the two of you humping on the backseats.

Sneaky sex will only work if the theater is half-empty, or the movie you’re going to “watch” is some obscure dirty picture. We are talking grindhouse cinema from the 70s. Shady theaters and erotic thrillers go along, so you’ll need to consider that. Top-rated Marvel movies won’t work.

Don’t Rush Into It

If you’re willing to try this scenario, it’s important not to rush into it. Besides consent from your partner, the two of you will need to take it easy. Observe the crowd. See if there’s someone in the audience who you don’t want catching you.

Also, you don’t want to start something next to some kids. It’s just not cool. Don’t act prematurely and get all kinky if there’re minors in the audience. After all, you don’t want to have trouble with the authorities.

Watch the Trailers

After you’ve chosen the picture and scanned the crowd, you must start slowly. Watch the trailers and act normal. The movie is probably going to last more than an hour and a half. So, it’s no use to finish before the first act of the picture ends.

In case you’ve chosen an erotic movie, something like Cronenberg’s “Crash” or even a full-blown porno, let it arouse you. Let the film set the tone of your actions. For the best possible outcome to occur, you should let the picture lead the way.

Choose the Best Spot

To make sure it all goes to plan, you and your partner should look to get some seats in the back. Firstly, the dark in the theater will help you be somewhat unnoticed. Also, if you are seated behind everyone, it will be even easier to get the job done. Once again, you don’t want to get caught in the middle of it.

In case there’s no chance of getting the back seats, you can always leave the projection hall and head into the restroom. You can play a bit with your hands while watching the movie and then go and finish the work free from the crowd. It’ll still be a public place, you’ll have fun, and you’ll avoid getting caught.

Just remember to choose a suiting picture, a not-so-popular cinema, and you’ll have a high chance of bringing your fantasy to life. Don’t act stupid and play around minors or people who could see you. It’s not acceptable, and dealing with the authorities won’t be much fun either. So, be smart and don’t get caught.

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