Orgasms: Big O’s and How to Achieve Them

Many people can misunderstand what orgasms are really all about. In fact, there is more than one type of orgasm for both women and men, and today, we’ll explain all of them to you. We’ll also reveal some secret tricks and techniques that you can use for your maximum pleasure! Check out our guide on the Big O’s and how to achieve them! 

Anal orgasm

Do anal orgasms really exist? You bet! Almost anyone can achieve them through anal sex or anal play, and that’s why they are so popular right now. 

For example, men can use anal toys to stimulate their prostate. With enough stimulation, you can reach a wildly intense anal or P-spot orgasm. This orgasm includes the release of fluid from the prostate as well as the regular shot of jizz. Sex experts often compare these types of orgasms to G-spot orgasms because they are so powerful. 

Dudes can reach anal orgasms in many ways. Firstly, the prostate is small and sensitive, so the best way is to use a finger or a prostate massager. Most men use sex toys to maximize the pleasure that they receive from their prostate. They use recommended high-quality toys that are suitable for anal stimulation. This toy is specifically designed to stimulate the prostate and bring you this unique orgasm quickly. What’s more, your partner can use it on you in all sorts of kinky acts like cock milking or draining fetishes, femdom, and BDSM. 

While women don’t have a prostate, they can also cum from their assholes. With enough penetration or internal sexual stimulation, you can get an intense analgasm that feels similar to a G-spot orgasm. 

Clitoral orgasm

Compared to playing with your asshole or your G-spot, clitoral stimulation will bring you the most common type of orgasm. The clitoral area contains thousands of sensitive nerves. These can all be stimulated with toys, hands, or through oral sex. What’s more, the clit is very sensitive, and if you stimulate it in just the right way, you could get off quite quickly. 

If you have trouble finding this magical spot, simply focus on the top of the vagina. You’ll find the clitoris where the inner labia meet. It’s hidden under the clitoral hood. 

Moreover, the clitoris becomes erect during sexual arousal. That is why women and people with vaginas require a lot of foreplay. When enough blood pressure rushes to the clitoris, you can stimulate it directly or through the clitoral hood. This king of big O feels like a small tsunami building up inside you until you finally reach a massive climax. 

One of the best ways to stimulate a clitoris is with sex toys like vibrators, bullet vibes, rabbit vibrators, vibrating cock rings, or anything else that produces powerful vibrations.

Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal or G-spot orgasms are different from clitoral orgasms. You can achieve them by stimulating your G-spot and the internal vaginal walls. The G-spot is a small walnut-like gland in the upper wall of your vagina. With enough stimulation, it can lead to an epic full-body climax.

Still, vaginal orgasms take more time compared to clitoral O’s. They are more intense but are harder to achieve. If you’ve never reached them through regular sex, you could try to use sex positions that specifically target the G-spot. That includes the reverse cowgirl, the pretzel dip, or doggy style. 

Alternatively, you can insert your fingers inside your pussy and use a “come hither” motion while touching the G-spot. However, the fastest way to achieve orgasm is to use rabbit vibrators or G-spot massagers. These toys have a special angle that targets that spot and quickly brings you to climax.

Nipple orgasm

If you’ve only ever enjoyed a bit of nipple play during foreplay or sex, you could try experimenting and only stimulating your nipples to reach a nipple orgasm. A nipplegasm is 100% real, and almost anyone can have one. 

The breasts are a sensitive erogenous zone, and stimulating them directly can make you have a clitoral orgasm without even touching your vagina. Guys can also tease their nipples enough to bring themselves to a mind-blowing hands-free climax.

If you’re a woman, you should set aside around 30 minutes and try a full breast massage. You can use your fingers to make circles around your nipples, pinch them, or pull on them. 

The trick is to switch between massaging your nipples and your clit. You should always come back to your nipples, though. If you tease yourself enough, you will be able to cum only from touching them! If you want to experiment, the best sex toys for nipplegasms are small vibrators, nipple clamps, and nipple suckers.

Is it possible to have multiple types of orgasms in a row?

If you are a woman, you can experience some or all of those orgasms at the same time. This is called a blended orgasm. Not every woman can achieve it straight away, but if you are patient and willing to experiment, you could learn to have glorious multiple orgasms or even squirt. 

A blended orgasm will shake up your whole body and bring you pleasure from all your holes at once. The trick here is to get extremely aroused and have a clitoral orgasm first. Then, as your arousal peaks, you can try G-spot massage, anal penetration, and nipple play. 

Multiple orgasms require you to be turned on physically and mentally. If you take your time and pleasure yourself in the right way, you could experience an unforgettable rush of anal, vaginal, clitoral, and nipple orgasms!  

What’s more, those with penises can also have multiple orgasms. However, they need time to rest and get their erections back after the initial ejaculation. This is called the refractory period, and it usually lasts around 15 minutes. If your partner has trouble maintaining his boner after those 15 minutes, you could try to extend their erection with a cock ring. 

Big o’s, here we cum! 

Now that we’ve shown you some ideas on how you can reach all kinds of big O’s, it’s time to get busy and experiment. Use our advice and order some sex toys for an unforgettable sexual experience! Get ready to cum hard!