Jeremy Nocom

Jeremy worked as a movie critique to various movie review websites, but he is particularly fond of adult films that are erotic in nature. He is also an advocate of preserving theatres that are dedicated to showing erotica. For him, it’s a form of art that only a few can differentiate from just watching porn.

Claire Petrie
Senior Writer

Claire is also an erotica writer for various websites. She helps maintain great quality content for Attic Theater for our readers’ satisfaction. Claire is also our resident product reviewer of the latest erotic toys that come out of the market.

Laura Dean
Junior Writer

Laura brings her experiences going to different theaters and cinemas to the team. We have learned many things from her, and she is happy to share these with our community.

Kerry Coffman
External Consultant

Kerry partly owns some theaters around Los Angeles, and we love the fact that we have an insider who shares valuable information with the team.