How Is It Like Working At An Adult Cinema?

If this is your first time hearing of an adult cinema, we’re gonna tell you all about it. 

It’s similar to a regular movie theater, except only adult movies are on the playlist. People can visit these theatres and masturbate, have sex, or be a part of an orgy. Now, if you enjoy, you might like the idea of working at a place like this. 

This article is here to either re-enforce that opinion or change your mind. Read on to find out what it’s really like to work in an adult cinema. 

Everyone Is on Cleaning Duty

So hygiene levels inside a porn theater are exactly as you would imagine them to be. People try to keep them at high levels, but do they manage? Let’s find out. 

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you what people do during adult films. As a result, their fluids (let’s just call it that) end up all over the place. When it’s closing time, it’s not really fun for the people cleaning up. So who does the actual cleaning of these places? We’re glad you asked. The answer is — everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of regular staff, selling tickets or even if you are a manager — everyone mops. Not only that — people in these sex cinemas also have to clean the walls. Yes, that’s right. Couple’s couches and regular seats are, of course, cleaned too. 

How do they do that? They use strong chemicals to sanitize the entire place and to make sure it doesn’t reek of sex. You know what we’re talking about: the smell of sex and fluids and sweat. That is not pleasant most of the time. What happens when people mess up the seat cushions in adult theatres? Closing staff flips them over, sprays some odor eliminators, and that’s it. 

That makes us wonder who in God’s name would continue going to places like these nowadays? You can watch adult movies anywhere online. It seems some people prefer to do things the old-fashioned way no matter how dirty that may be (in more ways than one). 

Cinema Orgies

Clearly, these cinemas have a wide range of activities that can be done. These are some “Fifty Shades” types of things. 

Adult cinemas look like your average movie theater: single seats, couple’s seats, and balconies. So, where do orgies happen? It depends on the cinema. Some of them have whole sections (like balconies) specifically dedicated to things like this. Others simply have booths. Since you can invite whoever you want, that’s where it all happens.

The staff immediately welcomes the customers as they come in. These situations can become awkward very quickly, so it’s important that the newcomers feel comfortable. Not everyone is down for the same thing too. Some people aren’t as open about their freaky sides. However, being in a place like this should help out. 

Therefore, the staff needs to make sure they make adult theatre sex appeal to just about everyone. Not everyone going there is a frequent customer, so its natural people are shy. You need to know people pretty well for something like that. So, to work in a place like this, you need some skill and a love for cleaning. 

We’re sure you know what happens during a regular orgy. Sometimes it can include up to 20 people at once. So, to sum up, how do you manage these orgies? You welcome new customers and suggest the idea of an orgy. You have to be careful about how you put it so that you don’t scare them off. That sounds easy enough, right?

People Can Get a Little Crazy

We know that people can sometimes lose their minds over things. As a worker, you have to know how to tell people to hold their horses.

For obvious reasons, cinemas are sectioned to accommodate both sexes. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can find a spot for yourself, among others who are there for the same reasons you are. That is, adult videos and masturbation, orgies, and sexy things in general. 

Often, people find it hard to mind their business. Like that nosy old lady that stares at your phone while you’re texting in public. What happens when you look at her? She smiles at you and keeps looking. Bugger off, grandma. Well, it’s a bit different here. 

People are so desperate that they’re climbing the walls of their sections to get into other sections. We hope it’s just to watch other people and not disturb or involve themselves in any way. Be that as it may, it’s still wrong and very perverted. 

So what does that mean for you, an aspiring adult cinema worker? The staff is there to keep the peace. Most of the customers just want to watch some erotic dramas and engage in some sexual activity. It’s your job, as a worker, to make sure everything is in order. 

People can come and complain to you about other people disturbing them. You can then kick them out or flash them (wink, wink) with a flashlight as a warning. 

Regular Customers Have Secret Codes

It’s not uncommon for regular customers of any establishment to have certain privileges. By that, we mean they just know the place better. They know the secret menus, all that jazz. But what do secret codes within an adult theatre mean?

Simply put, it is a secret way of communicating. You’d think people who frequent these places are open enough about stuff. Especially stuff they want to do. That’s where you’re mistaken because even kinky people can be socially awkward. 

How does it work? There are different spots around the cinema, and standing in each of them means different things. For example, standing in some places meant you wanted to give someone a blowjob. We’re not generalizing when we say it’s usually men that can be found in these cinemas. Those are just facts, so yes, men would stand in those spots. 

So what can a regular staffer do in situations like these? Well, not too much. Standing around isn’t illegal, and as long as customers aren’t causing any disturbances, everything is fine. You can always decide to kick them out if you notice things getting a little too weird. If not, you can let them stand as they please.

Standing in other spots might mean that one is up for masturbation or some anal play. Another thing that can happen is men going into women’s restrooms. Then, other men would watch what they’re doing through a peephole. 

Everyone has a fetish, so let’s not judge. 

Porn Cinemas Are for Sex Addicts

So how do you deal with a sex addict at your workplace? Any addict. Especially if they’re your respected customer.

Whatever your role is while working at adult cinemas, you’ll encounter at least one of those during your career, although you are more likely to see one every day. Because you know… addicts. So how do you spot them?

Imagine waking up early in the morning for your morning shift and going to open up. There you find a person desperately waiting for you to open up. They’re already waiting to watch some movies and masturbate, in that ungodly hour? That’s how to spot an addict. 

Addicts usually don’t cause any disturbances. They’re there to do what “needs to be done” and mind their business. So they won’t give you any trouble. So, what erotic thriller will be on the menu today? Cinemas rotate two movies a week. That’s these same two movies, including the same sex scenes, being played in circles all day long.  For these people, these types of cinemas is like a safe space to masturbate.

That doesn’t matter to these people. Most of the regular customers would come every single day. How long do they stay? Four hours on average. There are tales told of customers staying for 12 hours. That is half a day spent watching porn! We would classify that under addiction any day. 

Adult cinema trips are no walk in the park. It’s all about how much masturbation you can handle. Engaging in this much sexual activity definitely isn’t healthy. It’s a world’s wonder how these people manage it. 

You Can Become Immune to Porn

Oh yes, there is such a thing as too much porn. Especially when you see it every single day, whether you’re in the mood or not. 

At first, working in an adult cinema seems fun: you’re surrounded by sexy things and people who enjoy them. You feel like a horny teenager again, all excited and enthusiastic. But this is no work in the sex shop — it’s entirely different. 

Working in these cinemas makes you lose interest in porn. How could it not? Seeing all of those people watch it and engage in it can make you feel indifferent for sure. Not to mention having to clean up after them. Cleaning up after yourself is fine, but other people? Yuck. 

So now porn doesn’t excite or stimulate you anymore. You’ve had enough of visual stimulation (good and bad) to last you a lifetime. Working long hours can wear you out pretty quickly. Therefore, it’s natural to remember those feelings every time you see another explicit clip. 

Working in adult theatres makes you realize what the sex industry is like. Nearly everything is fake and staged, and people in these films are only trying to pay their bills like any of us. They just thought working in porn is easier, especially if they enjoyed sex beforehand.

The same can be said for people who thought working in porn theatres would be fun because they like porn. Now all they can see is people endlessly masturbating. Who’d blame them for becoming desensitized?


After learning all of this, would you work in an adult cinema? We definitely wouldn’t. Nobody minds cleaning up, but this isn’t the type of cleaning anybody would enjoy. 

Sometimes you don’t have a choice, though. A job is a job, and you won’t always enjoy it. But in this job, your role doesn’t matter. You can be a simple staffer or the cinema manager, but everybody has the same role — making customers happy and cleaning up after them. 

People visiting these establishments can sometimes be way out of line. But how do you stop two cats in heat from mating?