Vibrators in the Cinema? Yes, Please!

I Brought a Sex Toy to the Movies

Not to be overly dramatic and start this blog off with a bang, but I’ve recently done something that I can only describe as the proverbial double-edged sword — I brought a vibrator to the movie theater. And, no, before you ask, I didn’t go to one of the (few) adult theaters.

Before you go and judge me or yell at the screen that I’m obscene, hear me out. Sure, the idea came to me thanks to a combination of boredom and sexual frustration. However, I think I’m onto something here. After all, some of the best ideas in history came to fruition thanks to idle minds like mine.

It All Started With a “What If?”

I’ve always been a sexually adventurous person. I’m young, so I’m not scared to try out everything that life has to throw at me. As it happens, life threw quite a bit at me, and I took it all in stride.

However, once in a while, life decides to give me a bit of a break. The adrenaline-junkie part of my brain doesn’t cope well with that particular sequence of events.

That’s how I started wondering how I could entertain myself. I bought some new vibrators and played around with them for a while, but although they were doing their job, they quickly lost the novelty appeal. 

In the past few years since I turned 18, I’ve acquired quite an impressive sex toy collection (if I do say so myself). But simply whipping one out of the drawer and going to town wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, so I started asking myself a lot of what-if questions. 

For example, what if I took my toys outside? What if I took one to the cinema?

How the Chosen One Actually Gets Chosen

Once the idea popped into my head, I couldn’t let it go. It was all I could think about — the excitement about doing something so intimate in a room full of people and breaking all the rules was thrilling. The thought alone made me beyond horny, so I decided to play around with a couple of my favorite toys while contemplating my plan.

First of all, I had to pick the toy I’d actually bring. For example, the anal beads I was playing with at the time weren’t a good choice. Although they are amazing, it was clear from the get-go that overly complicated toys (especially anal ones) were a no-go. 

I wanted to masturbate in a movie theater without getting caught, so I needed something subtle. Anal beads, huge dildos, and loud vibrators weren’t exactly fit for the part. 

That’s how I landed on one of my bullet vibrators. I let common sense guide me while deciding:

  • A bullet is small enough to be unnoticeable, so I was certain that I could masturbate ninja-style with it (without anyone noticing). 
  • It’s also not as loud as some bigger vibrators, which meant that the movie noises would drown it out. 
  • The bullet’s size and strength are perfect for clitoral stimulation. This was important because, at that point, I still haven’t decided whether I wanted to masturbate over my clothes or go the extra (naughty) mile and opt for some bullet-to-skin contact.

Location, Location, Location

After picking out the toy, I actually had to think about the logistics of my adventure. Picking not only the movie and the movie theater but also the time and date was essential. 

I mean, sure, masturbating in the movie theater is fun and exciting because of the associated risk. However, that doesn’t mean I was going to go to a busy theater on a Saturday night. I’m not insane.

So, first, I picked the movie. It was an R-rated one with a hot cast and quite a few sex scenes. I checked out the trailer and saw that there’s amazing chemistry between the two protagonists, so I was really excited to watch them play the arousing cat-and-mouse game.

Next, I looked at the available time slots and picked an ordinary Wednesday afternoon for my adventure. I figured there wouldn’t be too many people there, and those that do happen to wander into the theater won’t really pay too much attention to me.

The Point of No Return

I have to admit the nerves almost got to me. Once I was actually in the theater, waiting for the movie to start, I seriously contemplated backing out. I figured I could just watch the movie and go home.

But then a thought hit me. Do I really want to be someone who’s so afraid of risks they back out at the last minute? Absolutely not! It might not be the best experience, but it will surely be something that I’ll remember for years to come.

So, as the movie started, I took my toy out and got comfortable in my seat. The movie’s plot wasn’t really something that would hold my interest, but, as I said, the cast was incredible. With each minute, I got more and more excited (and horny).

No Backing Out Now

I started gently caressing myself with the vibrator over my clothes. I was in a thin skirt and had a pair of lacy panties on. So, as soon as I pressed my clitoris with the bullet vibrator, I jolted in my seat. Yeah, this was definitely a good idea.

I continued to gently rub my clitoris with the vibrator. I didn’t want to come too soon, which is why I didn’t turn it on (yet). People on screen were also having some fun, and just when they started passionately making out, I flipped the switch, so to speak, and felt the glorious vibrations of my precious bullet assault my clitoris. I moaned loudly, which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea, but I just couldn’t control myself.

The feeling of excitement from doing something forbidden paired with the powerful vibrations right on my clit almost sent me over the edge.

To avoid coming too soon, I bypassed my clit for a while and pressed the vibrator firmly to my lips. The actors on screen were done with the first of many sex scenes, but I was just getting started. I continued to massage up and down my opening with the vibrator, only occasionally grazing my clitoris and sending a jolt of excitement coursing throughout my body.

However, it quickly became clear to me that that wasn’t enough. I’m no stranger to edging, and I wanted to draw out this experience, so I waited until I thought I’d go insane before sliding my leg onto the armrest and moving my lacy panties out of the way. Finally, I could get that gorgeous firm contact without any barriers. The vibrations felt even more powerful with no clothes in the way, and the pleasure was so intense, I had to swallow down moans. 

The Grand FInale

I admit that at this point, my head fell back, and I started thrusting my hips up and down, rubbing myself on the vibrator and pushing my fingers inside of myself, chasing that Big O. It came all too soon and hit me like a tidal wave. I have never experienced an orgasm so strong from just clitoral stimulation. I’m not exactly sure if I made any noise because, at that point, I was out of it, but, knowing myself, I probably did. 

Any Regrets?

I wasn’t expecting the entire experience to be so satisfying and breathtaking. Sure, I knew I’d have fun, but I wasn’t aware of just how fun it would be. I got a few dirty looks because my climax wasn’t exactly subtle, but overall, I have no regrets.

I will definitely do this again. However, next time, I’m bringing a more heavy-duty toy with me. The bullet did a stellar job, but I did miss penetration. 

At one point, I almost shoved the poor, small vibrator inside of me because I felt so empty but caught myself at the last moment and used my fingers instead. Some say my fingers are magical, but I’m sure a long, thick vibrator with a curved head will be even better. I can’t wait to try it out!